Emirates Thalassemia Society

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Society Establishment:

Established on the 10th of October 1997

Objective of Emirates Thalassemia Society:

  1. To assist and help patients suffering from Thalassemia disease.
  2. To establish contacts with International Thalassemia Societies and organizations.
  3. To arrange Health education and Thalassemia disease awareness programs to prevent the spread of the disease in the local population.
  4. To motivate and encourage people to donate blood for Thalassemia patients.
  5. Providing information and guidance to those families at risk of having a child with Thalassemia disease.
  6. To encourage Thalassemia patients to be self-sufficient and productive so as to help the progress of our country.
  7. To seek the moral or financial cooperation of eminent societies and organizations in UAE, as per the law of the country.

Location of Emirates Thalassemia Society :

UAE, Dubai, Towar 1, Street 16, Villa 36  

How to volunteer at the society :

Everybody can simply register for the membership (AED 50) with Emirates Thalassemia Society & become a member in order to partake voluntarily.


Contact details:

Telephone: +971-4-2632776
Fax: +971-4-2632796
P.O box 21101, Dubai , United Arab Emirates.
E-mail :thalassemia_ets@hotmail.com /thalassemia@gmail.com
Website : under construction  

 Hotline number: 80062525



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