Social & Outreach Services

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At the level of the centre At the level of the community Patient support counseling Round table discussion Organizing blood drives Job hunting & Training immaterial & Financial Support ENTERTAINMENT Visit to the centre & Awareness lectures Educational Institute Goverment & Private Departments Puclic Letures Media Coverage (TV, Radio, Newspaper) Awareness Campaings

At the level of the centre

Patient support


The Genetic and family counseling provided at Thalassemia centre has pivotal role in increasing patients, their families and the society awareness of hemoglobinopathies. On average, the centre provides 5 counseling sessions per week, equivalent to more than 200 session pre year.

The counseling services at Thalassemia Centre

  • For parents of newly diagnosed cases.
  • Help patients and family to cope with the disease and live with it.
  • Counseling for the non complaint patients.
  • Premarital counseling.
  • Prenatal counseling for parents with affected child.
    • (Chorionic Velli sampling ( CVS).
    • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis ( PGD)
  • Transplant counseling.
    • Bone Marrow Stem Cells
    • Cord Blood Stem Cells
    • Peripheral Blood Stem Cells

Round table discussion

Gathering of day care patients and their families to discuss different issues and exchange their experiences. These sessions are attended as well by doctors –nurses and social worker.

Topics discussed :

  • Update patients with the latest news and future events.
  • Discus patients problems and address their concerns.
  • Discuss suggestions from the patients and their families to improve quality of the service.
  • Answer their questions and queries regarding different issues.

Organizing blood drives

One of the major programs in Thalassemia center is direct collaboration with Blood Donation Center in Al WASL hospital, to ensure the availability of adequate blood for Thalassemia patients.

As per previous years statistics it was found decencies in blood availability during the holy month of Ramadan, this warranted organizing regular campaigns for blood donation in association with Blood Bank. This included medical and religious lectures, which motivate public to donate blood.

Job hunting & Training

One of the main aspects of Patient Support Program is to help Thalassemia patients to find an appropriate job. For this purpose, Staff from Thalassemia Centre regularly meet with national and international establishments in UAE to facilitate recruiting Thalassemia patients.

Moreover, to improve the patients' chances of securing a job, Emirates Thalassemia Society is sponsoring training courses for Thalassemia patients. Courses offered include ICDL training and English language.

immaterial & Financial Support


Celebrating UAE National Day December
Staff Appreciation Day January
Mother Day Celebration March
Celebrating Thalassemia International Day May
Nursing Day Celebration May
Celebration of the new academic year September
Mid Sha'ban Celebration Differs through years
Ramdan Celebration Differs through years
Eid Al Fittr Celebration Differs through years
Eid Al Adha Celebration Differs through years

Visit to the centre & Awareness lectures

Educational Institute

Thalassemia centre is regularly visited by Educational institutes (school, Universities and colleges ) . In these visits, the students are introduce to the facility, meet with patients and attend awareness lectures about the disease.

During 2009, 25 different educational institutes visited Thalassemia Centre .

Government & private Departments

Thalassemia centre is frequently visited by different governmental and private sectors. The visitors tour the facility, distribute gifts , and offer their support to the patient. These tours are concluded by attending an awareness lecture conducted by the healthcare provider at Thalassemia Centre

In 2009, the centre welcomed around 15 visits.


Thalassemia Centre goes one more step to reach the mass public with its awareness programs and lectures. An average of 20 lectures is conducted annually:

2009 Public lectures

  • Dubai Courts
  • Dubai maritime city
  • Ministry of environment
  • Dubai Department of Economic Development
  • Abu Dhabi Police Academy ( Test before marriage ) attendant 400
  • Dubai police lecture
  • Abu Dhabi technical college for girls
  • Al Sofooh high school for girls
  • Educational lecture for School health providers
  • Sharjah Technical College
  • Sharjah University
  • Diba ladies club
  • Women 's health care exhibition
  • A program to train volunteers off Future free of Thalassemia Campaign
  • lecture to summer school trainers

Media coverage ( TV, Radio, Newspaper )

To serve the ultimate goal of educating the largest number of population about Thalassemia disease, Thalassemia centre has a prominent figure in media. Representatives from the centre are frequently hosted by different media types (TV, radio and newspaper) .

Awareness Campaings

Thalassemia 'Tour of Hope' 2007

On 23rd of April 2007, H.R.H. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, wife of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai inaugurated the ‘Tour of Hope’ in Dubai. The tour extended over the period of six days encompassing different activities and events for Thalassemia patients, their families as well as doctors, and members of the community. The tour ended by gathering at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate the tour's accomplishment with fun, family-oriented activities, as well as a scientific workshop.

The idea for the 'Tour of Hope' was born at the Dubai Thalassemia Center and has been strongly supported by the UAE's medical and Thalassemia communities. The tour has provided a significant educational base for carriers and sufferers ahead of International Thalassemia Day on 8 May.

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'Hope Continues' for UAE's thalassemia community 2008

The hope continues : Following on last year’s enormously successful ‘Tour of Hope’, Thalassemia centre launched ‘Hope Continues’, a campaign that calls for increased awareness of the need for pre-marital blood testing, as well as greater volumes of blood donation. The objectives of the ‘Hope Continues’ campaign is to bring the entire UAE Thalassemia community closer together, update and educate them about advancements in treatment, and educate the public on how they can better support Thalassemia sufferers.

International Thalassemia Day is celebrated all over the world on 8 May, but the UAE have scheduled this event on Saturday, 3 May 2008 at Dubai Creek Park, along with health authorities across the nation.. (3 May 2008 )

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DP World Thalassemia campaign 2008 (ongoing campaign)

Global marine terminal operator DP world offered its full support and commitment for Thalassemia awareness campaign in association with Dubai health authority and Dubai Thalassemia center to control this inherited blood disorder ( Thalassemia)

This long-term campaign commitment started in early 2008. The ongoing initiative includes blood donations, programs to spread awareness and support for those currently living with Thalassemia.

The initiative aims at spreading the awareness regarding this devastating and preventable genetics disorder and ultimately benefits the community in general.

Please read more about the campaign

Test to be Safe Campaign for Future free of Thalassemia 2009

Large-scale national campaign was arranged in celebration of world Thalassemia day. Organized by Dubai Thalassemia center in association with UAE Thalassemia society, this event was executed by the collaboration between government and private establishments, educational institutes and shopping malls all over UAE.

The celebration started with motorbike parade in front of Thalassemia center organized by three sport clubs and ended up in jumierah village. There was also a march by athletes, patients and their families, Thalassemia staff and members of community.

The events stretched over a week to increase public awareness about Thalassemia.(2 may 2009)

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