Inauguration of a New Psychology Clinic at Thalassemia Centre-Dubai

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On 26th April 2012 ,Thalassemia center inaugurated A Psychology Clinic which aims to serve patients with Thalassemia and other haemoglobinopathies who follow at the Thalassemia center.

Thalassemia center adopted a multidisciplinary approach in managing patients with chronic disease whereby multiple specialties take part in patients care. Establishing a Psychology Clinic is another step towards achieving this target of offering best available practices.

The clinic was established with the aim “to assist patients in improving the quality of their lives, educate and inform patients so that they can take control of their health, cope better with the surrounding community, and essentially learn to empower themselves.

Starting a psychology clinic was a dream come true for our patients and was a strategic objective that was met by our centre. Five patients have attended our first in house psychology clinic and left happy and satisfied. So why initiating a psychology clinic is so important for Thalassemia centre?
Thalassemia is one of the most challenging hematological disorder with no permanent cure. Patients with ß- thalassemia major need regular blood transfusions in order to live. The resulting iron overload also requires chelation therapy. Although optimal medical management has reduced the difficulties faced by patients with thalassemia, the psychosocial problems faced by them are now of primary importance. Until this date the main cause of morbidity and mortality from thalassemia is non-compliance with the treatment due to psychosocial factors. Our patients are getting older and we are having good number of teens among our patient and the psychosocial burden is perceived even more in the adolescence stage. Teenagers tend to be confronted with various difficulties like identity formation, developing intimate relationships and entering the working world and accepting and integrating thalassemia into one’s identity becomes a difficult task at this stage.


Published Date : April 26 2012