Thalassemia Centre - Dubai organizes The 1st DHA Hemoglobinopathies Workshop

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Thalassemia Center -Dubai organized a specialized workshop on the topic of hemoglobin disorders expanding over two days from April 18 to 19, 2012.

The aim of the workshop was to support the Centre's objectives in improving the level of services provided to patients within and outside the UAE.


It was a valuable opportunity for the attendees to get experts view of the disorders and to gain up-to-date and knowledge.The over all response to the workshop was overwhelming as the registered attendees exceeded our expectations, they came from different hospital sectors, both public and private, physicians, nurses as well as paramedics and some of them came all the way from Yemen.

Various topics were discussed in the workshop to include:

• Overview of hemoglobinopathies.
• The genetic backgrounds of the disease.
• Diagnostics methods and current treatments such as; regular blood transfusions and drugs to expel iron.
• Cardiac and endocrine complications of the disease.
• Disease prevention and counseling sessions.
• The role of quality in stepping up the services and the impacts and challenges faced in introducing the integrated clinical Pathway.
• The challenges faced by the nursing staff in dealing with patients with Thalassemia.


Dr. Khawla Belhoul (Director, Thalassemia Center) said “The success of these two days of the workshop, will encourage us to organize more workshops in the future."


Published Date : April 18 2012