“JOIN US IN ADDING JOY TO THEIR HEART 2010” in cooperation with the Red Crescent and Arjan Rotana.

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Thalassemia Centre in association with UAE Red Crescent and Arjaan Rotana hotel in Dubai organized a family fun day to celebrate Thalassemia international day.

The theme of the event was (JOIN US IN ADDING JOY TO THEIR HEART). The event started at midday with various activities involving patients and their families as well as Thalassemia center staff.

Different games, clowns and magician shows are some of the few activities that were organized at that day. The day ended by 7 pm and fund was raised to sponsor 10 Thalassemia patients to go on a cruise across UAE.

This event not only strengthened the relationship between patients and healthcare providers but also served the purpose of entertaining every one and on top of that raised a fund for a better cause.
Published Date : May 08 2010
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