39th UAE National Day celebration at Thalassemia centre

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On the occasion of UAE's 39th national day, Thalassemia centre at DHA celebrated the event in a huge ceremony.
At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr Abdullah Al Khayat Executive Director of Al Wasl Hospital, Dr. Khawla Belhoul Director, Thalassemia Center, Mr. Abdul Baset Mirdas Vice Chairman of the Emirates Thalassemia Society and Mrs. Khalida Khammas Head of administrative Section hoisted a big picture of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, which covered the background of the stage.
Hundreds of balloons were released which was accompanied by shouts from the crowed, announcing the beginning of a new year of leadership excellence and union force.
The ceremony started with a live broadcast by the very well known and distinguished Rashid Al -Kharji, who presented his talk show on the stage. He received telephone calls and communicated with officials to resolve problems, he conducted an interview with the star Nasser Mohammed and the outstanding Kuwaiti actor Khalid Amin, as they performed a scene to promote tourism in the UAE.
The celebration also included variety of contests, games, folk songs, dances which were performed by students from Granada school and Al Dhuha kindergarten.
The event concluded by honoring the participants and the main sponsor (DP World).
Published Date : December 01 2010
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