Mission & Vision

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Thalassemia Centre commits to excellence by providing a professional world Class Care for patients with Thalassemia combined with effective programs to eradicate Thalassemia in the region.


  • Provide professional and high quality care for patients with Thalassemia.
  • Play an essential role in the fully-integrated health- care system featuring the full continuum of care provided by DOHMS.
  • Extensive screening, counseling and prevention policies, to reduce the number of newborn affected with Thalassemia and eventual eradication.

Our Values are generated from being Unique

U  Uniqueness
N  Nurture
I  Innovation
Q  Quality
U  Uprightness
E Efficiency
Did You Know ?

The word Thalassemia originates from a Greek word ‘THALASSA’ which means the sea...

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What is Thalassemia

The Thalassemia are inherited disorders of haemoglobin (Hb) synthesis. Their clinical severity varies widely....

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