A committed team

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The centre consists of 7 highly qualified and experienced specialists in Thalassemia Management :

Dr. Khawla Belhoul

Thalassemia Centre Director ( Consultant Hematology )

MBBCh –FRCP Hematology

Dr. Mohammad Salah Eldin Sanad

Head of Medical Services Section-Pediatrics

MBBCh -D.C.H -M.Sc,

Dr. Essam F. Dohair

Thalassemia centre outreach coordinator MBBCh

Dr. Maisam L. Bakir

Senior Specialist Registrar- Pediatrics

M.B.Ch.B -DCH -F.I.C.M.S (Ped.)

Dr. Ahmad Kadhim

Specialist Registrar –Adult

M.B.Ch.B –C.A.B.M- F.I.C.M.S (Hemat.)

Dr. Fatheya Al Khaja

Specialist Registrar -Adult

M.B.B.ch–M.Sc ( med.Gent.& immuno.)

Dr. Hany Dewedar

Specialist Registrar-Adult

M.B.B.ch–M.Sc &
PhD (Int. med. & Hemat.)

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The word Thalassemia originates from a Greek word ‘THALASSA’ which means the sea...

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The Thalassemia are inherited disorders of haemoglobin (Hb) synthesis. Their clinical severity varies widely....

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